cold cure the common (freewinter2k6​/​7sampler) disc two

by various artists

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disc two of the free winter 2k6/7 sampler 2cd set... original cover design files were lost on a burnt out hard drive... this download has a lower resolution (.jpeg) version included for both discs and the panels from the 1cd version.

around 75 copies were made as a one cd version and mailed with some orders and passed out at shows while awaiting the arrival of the supply order to make the intended release of 500 copies total. during the time while awaiting the delayed supply shipment, so many artists turned in songs that i just couldn't pass on. about ten or twelve artists still ended up not making the cut which still resulted in the final two cd mix. the new intended release was to be 400 two cd sets. after receiving a batch of 1000 cds where over 450 were weather damaged and pinholed (which created misburns and condensation that shifted data between the disc's layers after burning) the final number of discs that were usable in the end, and hopefully still functioning to this day, fell a little short of 360 or around 180 2cd sets. having over 150 noticeably bad discs, well over 250 that only revealed their flaws after burning or produced misburns, and the supply company's refusal to replace the damaged goods by placing the blame on ups, led to the personal decision to never release another d.i.y. sampler in a large run again... well, people change their minds sometimes. we'll see what the future holds. please make a donation if you like what we've done and the favor will be returned.

this sampler along with all other ones are meant to be listened to as a whole with no track spacing since some of the tracks blend into each other at fade out and intro.


released December 19, 2006

check individual track info for artist links and release info.



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